Hell Passport Box Set

The Hell Passport Project is a series of 24 visual art chapbooks by 24 artists riffing on hell, holes, holiday suicides, sewers, zombies, ghost tracks, evil eye families, premonition rip-offs, bone hounds, contamination, papist’s passports, larval womb rats, scum, & scab-nosed demons.

The artists in this project are from across Canada and the variety of approaches and styles make this series a comprehensive survey of current contemporary visual poetry, drawing and comics.

The sets are printed in a limited edition of twenty boxes: Only two sets in a blue box are still available. Individual books sell for $8. The complete box set of 24 sells for $150 plus postage.

Robert Pedersen

Hell Passport Preamble

For a number of years Robert Pedersen has been the proprietor of Chroma Books in its many forms and manifestations. He is also a sound artist who takes apart tape decks and rearranges the apparatus to perform a more inclusive range of acoustic representations. Robert wrote the original preamble for the Hell Passport Project years ago then gave it away, lost it and sold it. We have been told that this new version is every bit as grand as the original. You can see for yourself. Robert doesn’t mince words – neither does he chop or grind them; he draws and writes hell haikus and sometimes plays golf.

12 black and white pages. Red cover stock with red end papers. 18.5 x 13.5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-45-9

The Scheisse Wives

Hell Passport Volume Zero Caca-Phonik's Posthumous Pik-Nik

For their passport, the Scheisse Wives have written an acrostically challenged jingle of demonic nonsense. Imagine a smoke-filled bar in Hell where Satan hosts a poetry slam and the winner gets a weekend trip to the Lower Depths for a cacaphonious picnic, all expenses paid. 16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with dark blue end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897423-46-9

Emily Goodden

Hell Passport Volume 1, Trash Pop Sell

Trash Pop Sell, an anagram of Hell Passport, is Emily Goodden’s over-the-top, more-is-better approach to infernal portraiture. Both deceased and still very much alive friends and family members are enshrined here in Goodden’s hand-drawn paint-by-numbers exercises. Also included: a cut-and-assemble party hat you can wear to the Church of Satan Bake Sale. This TRASHy POP book, with its bonus paint palette, will SELL out fast.

Order your copy today! 12 fold-out black and white pages. Red cover stock with pink end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2008.


ISBN978-1-897243-11 4

Fiona Smyth

Hell Passport Volume 2

Fiona Smyth fabricates her Hell from ice crystals and dripping oozing bodily fluids. While Hell is usually represented with fire and smoke and flaming creatures, Smyth's Hell is even more sinister because it is populated by maimed and pierced bodies who appear to be suffering from an excruciatingly fierce and burning cold.

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with ice-blue end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2006


ISBN 1-897243-12-x

Julie Voyce

Hell Passport Volume 3, Day Trip

Voyce's lyrical drawings depict the erotic adventures of two sexy flowers who skip town together. These two are definitely not into sublimation! Keep this passport on your bedside table for the fun new ideas found in these delightfully naughty "Tongue Flowers".

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock and hot pink end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2006


ISBN 1-897243-13-8

Ben L. Jacques

Hell Passport Volume 4

Ben L. Jacques can frequently be found behind the counter at Lucky’s Comics in Vancouver and it is this daily proximity to thousands of comics that has informed Ben’s work for Hell Passport Volume 4. Ben has studied the comics classics, the indie giants, street art, graffiti and doddles found on the floor. From these mighty influences he has distilled his own powerful graphic style that is gruesome, goth, playful and sketchy. Ben is a funny guy and this books make you laugh as much as weep. Read it and weep or die laughing.

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with ice-bleu end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-14-5

Brandy Fedoruk

Hell Passport Volume 5

If you were in Hell, what things would you be made to eat? What sounds would you have to listen to? What jobs would you have to do? What things wouldn’t you be allowed to have? And what hellish events would you have to attend? Brandy Fedoruk has already answered these questions for herself. If you have a hard time coming up with answers to these questions, this book will give you the help you need to be prepared for those worst-case scenarios.

20 black and white pages. Red cover stock and yellow end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-15-2

Terry Plummer

Hell Passport Volume 6

How many new words can be made from the letters in H-E-L-L-P-A-S-S-P-O-R-T? Who can remember the names of famous suicides in alphabetical order? What is the connection between Hollywood and Hell? These and other important questions concerning Hell’s eruptions into the quotidien are methodically explored in Terry Plummer’s Hell Passport Volume 6. “Hell is in the details,” Plummer reminds us. “Hell is nipping at us like so many bedbugs – and us without pajamas.” Plummer leads us to believe that Hell is lurking around every corner and then tells us to “relax. Hell is here to stay; we are not.”

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with pink end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-23-7

James Whitman

Hell Passport Volume 7

Whitman's elaborately scratchy pencil drawings depict a landscape where hairy, prickly creatures play hide and seek with trees and menacing vegetation; then, Ovid-like, the creatures morph to become the vegetation.

32 black and white pages. Red cover stock with yellow end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2006


ISBN 1-897243-17-0

Rebecca Dolen

Hell Passport Volume 8, A Holidy From Hell Vacation Guide

If you have ever been on one of those “Holidays from Hell,” you will appreciate Rebecca Dolen’s Hell Passport Vacation Guide, a 16-page booklet outlining holiday destinations packed with vulgarities, disasters, hauntings, and toxic waste. Dolen’s consummate guide is far superior to the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide or Fodor travel books. It would be foolhardy to leave home without this essential guidebook/passport tucked into your carry-on luggage. 16 black and white pages.

Red cover stock and orange end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-18-3

derek beaulieu

Hell Passport Volume 9

The pages of derek beaulieu’s Hell Passport, Volume 4, are white fields punctured by black holes. The reader’s eye leaps into one of the holes on page 1, then travels an incalculable distance to emerge through another hole/void on different pages to find more exits and entrances. Through punctuated barriers, noise blips, patterns and static, the reader wanders and loses her way in a diabolically minimalist metaphor for the lower depths.

8 black and white pages. Red cover stock with black end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2008.



Colin Upton

Hell Passport Volume 10

Upton's volume is a tongue-in-cheek history of the Hell Passport and its possible origins. Uptons draws himself as the demon-king of the afterlife hoping to cash in on the poor souls' need to bribe their way into a happy eternity. 16 black and white pages.

Red cover stock and orange end papers.  18.5 x 13,5. 2006


ISBN 1-897243-20-0

Sally Ireland

Hell Passport Volume 11

There are no smiling family members carefully posed for the viewfinder in Sally Ireland’s passport, Family Album. Instead, Ireland presents a sinister place of entombment where shadowed demons, wearing the clothes of ordinary people, flash their fangs at their child/ward, who, terrorized almost into paralysis, nevertheless manages to escape with these drawings as evidence tucked under her arm.

20 black and white pages. Red cover stock and blue end papers.  18.5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-21-9

Wesley Mulvin

Hell Passport volume 12, Ne'er, E'er

This passport breaks the rules and is printed on bright yellow paper. Never mind that the bright coloured paper is almost impossible to see through the solid black background on every page. Mulvin's drawings are ghostly apparitions of family members caught in activities in a dark past where bikes and strollers and sporty clothes can ne'er e'er do anything about the menace surrounding them.

20 black and yellow pages. Red cover stock with orange end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-22-0

Owen Plummer

Hell Passport Volume Thirteen

The Cover of Owen Plummer’s Volume 13, titled Thee Bleeding Brick, displays the warning, “For Twisted Adult Minds Only!”. Readers who dare to venture past the introduction will find themselves in an Art Brut landscape populated by hilariously grotesque figures that have been redrawn from Surrealism, Psychedelia, the Hairy Who and Plummer’s own magpie imagination. When the readers with twisted minds come to the last page of this Hell Passport, they will want to start all over again at the page where a thorny mandala decorates an announcement of the forthcoming Visions of the Deathclops Priesthood. 20 black and white pages.

Red cover stock with orange end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-16-9

Roy Green

Hell Passport Volume Fourteen

Painter, performance artist, poet and collagist extraordinaire,Roy Green, has stocked Volume 14 with enough images and text to fill ten passports – if Green were a minimalist. Luckily for us, Green adheres to the “more is better” approach in his work and this volume is a kind of graphic Coles Notes, The Total Study Edition to the Hell Passport Project. If you have a term paper to write on The Inferno, look no further for references. Buy this book and copy out everything you need to know! Green encourages comprehensive plagiarism; he’s written this volume for you to put to use – even if you burn in Hell for it.

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with Yellow end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-28-2

Mark Connery

Hell Passport Volume 15

Citrus Mania, pathological lying, Pez addiction and babies eaten by Trolls are just a few things Connery tosses into this asemic stew and serves up to us. Delicious toxic nourishment! And for desert there is a neat prayer to Lucifer included (in case you don't already know the prayer for free movement through the realm of damnation).

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with dark blue end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-29-9

Billy Mavreas

Hell Passport Volume 16, The Commentary

Mavreas riffs on the scholarly commentaries that often accompany editions of the Divine Comedy by cutting and pasting from Egerton Sykes Dictonary of Non-Classical Mythology and other esoterica. The drawings in the book are Mavreas' own though, and reflect his interest in both comics and asemia. Red Cover stock and yellow end papers

18,5 x 13,5. 2006


ISBN 1-897243-24-3

Collin Johanson

Hell Passport Volume 17

Carcinogenic contamination could be one of the themes of this passport that reproduces a number of Johanson's recent drawings and paintings on various grotesque themes. Headless babies' heads threaten joggers, floating demons threaten sleeping babies, the air quivers with the feeling that the zombies lurk just around the corner.

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with acidic green end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-34-3

Julia Feyrer

Hell Passport Volume 18

In Feyrer's hell the devil makes artists spend their eternal lives drawing variations on the happy face and all the heat and effort forge faces that are stretched, kneaded, pummelled, gouged and photoshopped into diabolical grimaces. This passport takes the "variation on a theme" exercise to new depths.

16 black and white pages. Red cover stock with orange end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-35-0

Lisa Cinar

Hell Passport Volume 19

Lisa Cinar has done a great deal of careful research on the whereabouts of the exact location of Hell for her passport project. If you have never heard the fearful howls and screams of the damned erupting daily from the centre of the earth, Cinar’s book tells you where to go to hear the terrible cacophony. There is also an all-inclusive list of websites for those who wish to supplement their reading with additional material from the Internet. This book is a broad compendium and essential reading. 16 black and white pages.

Red cover stock with green end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-38-3


Ed Varney

Hell Passport Volume 20

From the depths of hell, a letter is dispatched to the Beloved. If it ever arrives, what form would it take? What experiences would the letter describe? Ed Varney’s Letter from Hell is handwritten in ghostly transparent letters that float across the pages. There are no Dantesque adventures here; no Virgil to act as guide. The reader becomes as lost and despairing as the soul writing from hell.12 black and white pages.

Red cover stock with black end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2008.


ISBN 978-1-897243-39-8

Guinevere Pencarrick

Hell Passport Volume 21

There is a drawing by Rembrandt of the fat screaming baby Ganymede being carried off by the predator Zeus, who has disguised himself as an eagle. Guinevere Pencarrick’s Hell Passport is filled with similarly cruel avians that appear all too ready to claw or peck out the eyes of the reader who lingers too long over these images. Beware of developing a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of birds if you own this book. 24 black and white pages.

Red cover stock with blue end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-47-3

Donato Mancini

Hell Passport Volume 22

Have you ever been tased or tasered by the police? At some point Donato Mancini appears to have had a close brush with the law – close enough to ignite a fierce interest in the destructive electric shock these assault weapons aim at the hearts and minds of their victims. Carrying Mancini’s passport may not get you out of jail for free, but the drawings here are a sharp warning to the gentle reader to steer clear of taser-toting "law enforcers". 28 black and white pages.

Red cover stock with blue end papers. 18,5 x 13,5. 2007


ISBN 978-1-897243-48-0